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Atlético Madrid vs Arsenal Betting Tips 03.05.2018

Atlético Madrid vs Arsenal Soccer Prediction Today

It looks dark for Arsenal who had a victory at home. Everybody expected Arsenal to win that match (not least here at It’s Arsene Wenger’s last season and it would be a little sad to go out now. It would be far better to finish his career with a final in the European League.
The Gunners appeared to have the first match under control but the goals did not come. It ended until 61 minutes before Arsenal got a hole at Atletico Madrid. It did not take long until Antoine Griezmann was able to quit and the match ended a little unexpectedly 1-1. Now the home team have a good opportunity to reach the final.
Atletico Madrid has not lost a home match for a very long time (January). In other words, it is a strong home team that Arsenal can face. It’s going to be something that’s out of the ordinary about Atletico losing this match. Then it’s enough to play 2-2 for Arsenal but there’s probably nothing to strive for.
To make matters even worse, Arsenal has not been so good at the away team this season. Now on Sunday, you lost to Manchester United on just the go-ahead. There was also a problem with CSKA Moscow on the away team and played only 2-2. Even Östersund won over Arsenal at home, so it’s at least an uneven team on the runway.
Looking at the statistics, it does not look good for Arsenal. You have only won one of their five last matches and lost two. If you go one step deeper and look at the away matches then we will go back to the beginning of March to find a away victory (2-0 against Milan). Looking only at the Premier League, we have to go all the way back to the end of the year to find an away victory for Arsenal.
We’ve painted a rather bleak picture for Arsenal and maybe it’s a little bit sad, but we’ll try to take advantage of it. The gaming companies, after all, give quite a good odds to a home team, and we’re looking forward to it. Our game tip is that Atletico Madrid wins the match to 1.77 in odds. Sometimes you do not have to make it harder than that.
In view of the statistics and Arsenal’s departure phase, this was an easy choice. We think The Gunners gets really tough in Spain. We must not forget that Atlético Madrid drew a red card in the first match and played with 10 men. We do not believe in any direct match and 1-0 or 2-1 feels like a reasonable final score. Antoine Griezmann is likely to be behind at least one goal. The odds that he makes a goal in the match is at 2.25 right now.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Atlético Madrid vs Arsenal

Atlético is the better team and has a better team if you look at the whole. Just the defensive game impresses, and it’s not often a goal for Wanda Metropolitano. Arsenal are pressed to attack because 0-0 is not enough. Atletico is quick to change and counter. It is probably what will close the match when Arsenal attack and Atlético contest the first goal.
We have some injuries in both teams but nothing that should affect the game any significant. Arsenal misses Mohamed Elneny, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Santi Cazorla.
Atletico misses Filipe Luis and Juanfran. This means that you will have to make some changes in the team to get it together. You must make the most of what you have and the team should keep the same level as in the first semifinal.
To increase the excitement, it is not just the honor and the cup that the European League winner gets. The team that wins the European League also gets a seat in the Champions League next season. That’s probably the best price you can get.

Prediction Today: Atletico Madrid

Odds: 1.77

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