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Dijon vs Guingamp Betting Tips 06.05.2018

Dijon vs Guingamp Today’s Soccer Prediction

Dijon scores almost always at home, and Guingamp shows dynamic form with various goal-winning matches, most recently with 2-2 in Paris. The match may have sucked energy and motivation, but this is a showdown between relegation-free and playful teams.
Dijon has scored in the last 9 rounds and cashed in the last 3 as well as in 7 of the last 8. Very clean team in Udekamp 7/4; various Toulouse chances.
Sennepsby’s club has scored in 16/17 home matches and cashed in 14. Last: 1-3 against Marseille and 2-5 against Lyon.
Last weekend Dijon lost 1-3 with Bordeaux.
The home team are missing for the second consecutive row, the experienced center defender Varreault and probably still replacing Lautoa. Djilibodji and Yamberé are quite heavy.
At the defensive center, Abeid and Balmont still lack. Instead: The more creative Marie and Amalfitano. Also note Kink Kwon and Sliti promotion.
Both teams are free of relegation. Dijon would like to win at home. Guingamp must use victory if the EL billet statement is to be pursued.
The Bretons show good shape: 3-2-0 in the last 5 matches; latest 3-1 over Monaco (though reddish) and 2-2 at PSG’s own.
Guingamp’s last 5 matches (as well as 8 of the last 9) have exceeded 2.5 goals. The last 3 have included scoring from both teams.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Dijon vs Guingamp

Dijon has two clear defeats in a row, and coach Dall’Oglio spoke of “naivety” after the Bordeaux match. Can he tighten up?
Guingamp is No. 11, 4 points in front of Dijon, No. 12, and won 4-0 in reverse match. But Dijon is 9-3-5 at home in Burgundy, the Bretons are 4-4-9 out.
Does Guingamp have energy after two great bets and results in two league matches? It is often seen that teams fall in cadence after such power-ups.
Moreover, in the pride of being the first team away in this L1 season taking points in Paris, there may be some disappointment; Guingamp was ahead of 2-0.
The question is also how much motivation is; The chance of an EL ticket is small. The Bretons, however, would like to continue their fine series, it sounds.
Dijon has doubts about the attackers Said, Tavares (top scorer) and Jeannot, outside 20/4, 7/4 and 14/4. Kwon and Sliti are fast technicians, but not so strong.
The home team also doubt Sammaritano (outside 20/4) and goalkeeper midfielder Xeka (31/3).
Guingamp may have backed Martins-Perreira and def midfielder Deaux after injury. Midfield switch Coco is ready for quarantine.

Prediction Today: Dijon wins

Odds: 2.55

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