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FC Arsenal vs ZSKA Moskau Betting Tips 05.04.2018

FC Arsenal vs ZSKA Moskau Soccer Prediction Today

Arsenal FC

Arsenal have been able to rehabilitate themselves in recent weeks in the Premier League. They had previously lost to Tottenham (1-0) Manchester City (3-0) and Brightion (2-1), but then defeated Watford and Stoke City 3-0, respectively. Especially in halftime two you could convince against the “Potters” last weekend. Especially the fact that they last two times without conceding goal, should be balmy for the offensive soul of the “Gunners”. Because: Previously you had conceded in 11 league games in series always at least one goal. In general, we see the strengths of the team of Arsene Wenger clearly in the home stadium, and the two 3-0 successes was recorded in the Emirates. The fact that you also play at home in the Europa League first leg against CSKA reinforces in our view the favorite role of the Londoners. This is also proven by several statistics: Arsenal has celebrated not only the last two, but ever the last 4 victories in the championship in home games. Overall, in 16 home games of the best league in the world no less than 12 full hits were recorded with only two draws and 2 defeats. Especially offensively the appearances of the Wenger-Elf are sometimes not comparable to those in away games. Because: 42 direct hits in the mentioned 16 matches mean almost 3 goals per home game, while you can just record a cut of one hit per match abroad, holds a total of 16 success experiences in 15 games. However, coach Wenger has to make a personal mark on the offensive on Thursday. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – double goal-scorer against Stoke on the weekend – has no eligibility for European competition. Nevertheless, who defeated AC Milan 3-1 at home and with a total score of 5: 1 rises to the quarterfinals, it should also be able to compete with CSKA. In fact, Arsenal has met with one exception in every home game on the international stage, celebrated in 10 games also 7 victories. Replacing Aubameyang is likely to be restored Alexandre Lacazette, who was also successful in his Joker campaign at the weekend and is the top scorer in the Premier League (10 matches). Apart from the Gabonese, midfielder Santi Cazorla will be eliminated.

CSKA Moscow

CSKA Moscow will not be satisfied with its current status in the Russian Premier League. Because: The capital club had previously let other clubs in the fight for the championship the first step. The fact that these are just the rivals Spartak Moscow and Lokomotiv Moscow, makes things a bit more bitter. With 44 points, they are currently in third place, 5 points behind the leaders. The latest results, however, certainly hope. CSKA was last able to celebrate 3 full successes in series. At the weekend they defeated the former Champions League starter from Rostov 2-1, before it was also against Grozny 3-0 prevail, against Ural it was enough for a 1-0 win. Overall, CSKA has won 6 of the last 7 league games. The fact that they are particularly struggling against the top clubs, showed the 0-3 defeat, which had to accept in between against Spartak Moscow. Strong: In 4 of the mentioned 7 matches CSKA did not concede a goal. Accordingly, one will try first and foremost against Arsenal London to keep the zero. Hope makes the away statistic this season. In 13 games you could celebrate at least 8 victories, has conceded in this season only 2 defeats in the foreign. With only 11 goals conceded in 13 games, one of the best away defensives of the Russian league. The international statistics have proven a stable defense in recent times: in 3 out of the last 4 matches a value of 2.5 goals was not exceeded. The last away match of the Europa League was won 3-2 by Olympique Lyon. Strengths we saw at CSKA last in the final. Against Rostov, for example, it took just as many shots on goal for his two goals. On the other hand, you should increase your pass rate, which was below two-thirds in the league. Arsenal would make you vulnerable to fast counterattacks. The previous record against the Londoners can be absolutely impressive. So CSKA prevailed in the group phase of the season 2006/2007 at home with 1: 0, away, they also reached a 0-0 draw. Accordingly, one could absolutely soak a bet tip to less than 2.5 goals. Personnel we see the team of Viktor Goncharenko quite well positioned. Mario Fernandes, Astemir Gordyushenko and Viktor Vasin will be eliminated, but otherwise all Kaderspieler are available.

Soccer Prediction of the Day FC Arsenal vs ZSKA Moskau

We assume that Arsenal will want to use their last and greatest chance for a Champions League participation in the coming season.

Prediction Today: FC Arsenal

Odds: 1.36

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