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Freiburg vs Bayer 04 Leverkusen Soccer Betting Tips

Stage 29 kicks off, and Freiburg and Leverkusen break the ice on Friday night at 9:30 pm at the Schwarzwald Stadium.
The two teams occupy the 5th and 8th places, and the difference between them is 15 points.
Below you can read more information about the shape of the protagonists and a recommended tip.

Freiburg: Team form, news and statistics

Freiburg surprised its fans in these 3 stages played after the competition break. He started strong with a draw on the field of Leipzig, a result of 1: 1.
Freiburg took the lead after 93 minutes, as a result of Freiburg’s awkward, but ultimately successful, shot from the right.
He lost 1: 0, although he had possession and the balance of the sutures on the goal was tilted in his favor, 8-3.
The most recent match was spectacular, with a total of 6 goals in the match. Freiburg went to Eintracht Frankfurt, where the two teams ended in a draw, 3: 3. 1: 1 was the score at the break.
Petersen and Holer scored 2 minutes into the second half, at which point it seemed that Freiburg would leave with the 3 points of the stage.
Unfortunately, the defensive line made big mistakes, and Frankfurt came back in the last 15 minutes.
Freiburg seems extremely ambitious to take a place that offers the chance to qualify for the European Cups, being only 4 points away.
The average goal is still negative, with 38 goals scored and 40 conceded. Freiburg scored 4 times in these 3 stages and scored 5 goals.
This is the latest results obtained by Freiburg. Note that the defense has problems, as Freiburg has conceded a goal in each of the last 7 stages.

Bayer Leverkusen: Team form, news and statistics

Leverkusen has the first chance in this confrontation, even if it will play away.
We can say that it even has the advantage of the guest position, where it occupies the 3rd place as a form of play.
Lever has 6 away games in which he got 5 victories in which I saw at least 3 goals and a draw.
Lever resumed the championship with 2 wins and one defeat. The first meeting was with modest Bremen and they won on its field with 4: 1.
Havertz managed a double in the very first half. Another spectacular match followed, with an important victory. Lever won 3: 1.
Havertz opened the scoring again and his team led the break with 1: 0. In the second half, Havertz scored a penalty and Bender scored the decisive goal.
In the next stage, Lever started again with the first chance, but was taken by surprise by Wolfsburg’s strength and thirst for play. Lever lost at home 4: 1, Wolfsburg managing to lead in both halves.
Baumgartlinger managed to wash the hosts’ shame.
Lever is a strong team that generally adopts an offensive game. He has 53 goals scored so far, of which 27 on foreign soil.
As expected, Havertz is the team’s top scorer, with a total of 10 goals. The defense scored 36 goals, more than half of which were conceded away.
Lever is in dire need of a win in the Champions League qualifiers.
The fight is close, being tied with Monchengladbach, 2 points behind Leipzig and 4 points behind Dortmund.
Lever has spectacular matches behind him.
If we look at the last 5 games, we notice that over 3.5 goals have been scored each time. In 4 of these matches he scored at both gates.

Football Prediction of the Day Freiburg vs Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Both teams are highly motivated at the end of this season.
Freiburg are hoping to secure a place in EL, and Lever can move up to the Champions League. Lever has spectacular matches behind him, with at least 4 goals each time and plays much better from the guest position.
The defense does not shine, it has conceded a goal in each of the last 4 away games, so we will most likely see Freiburg taking advantage of this weakness.

Bet Tips: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.60


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