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Inter de Bebedouro sub20 – Cruzeiro sub20

Inter fountain form sub20
Worth the rating. In his debut in Copinha, the Inter de Bebedouro depends only on his strength to qualify for the next stage. No, easy will not be. The team will need to beat one of the country’s giants. However, with it being irregular, dreaming is possible.
Inter did not play bad games so far in the Cup. It lacked a little imposition in both games, but the team was competitive. This afternoon, you will have even more fans to support you in the most anticipated game of your part in this first phase. With the rival having all the pressure on his shoulders, presenting tactical resistance, Inter hopes to be dedicated and accurate to dream of surprising.
The base used in the first rounds will be repeated this afternoon.
Sub20 Cruise Form
Oh, my friend. Disappointing, eh? Cruzeiro was the biggest winner of the youth competitions of last season in Brazil. In this way, arrived with many spotlights for the Copinha dispute. However, in two matches played, only one win. You will need points in this match to stay with one of the vacancies the next stage.
The truth is that, despite the victory in the first round, Cruzeiro also did not convince. Yes, the pitch is bad enough to play nice football, but it’s bad for everyone. Who is bad, gets worse. Cruzeiro should have more where to take it, therefore. Needing to learn how to fight, putting the weight of his shirt on the field, Cruzeiro will have to evolve his pace to overcome the pressure of compulsion on himself to get score.
Possibly, changes in relation to the first disputed matches will happen among the holders of the Cruise.
Our Tip
I can not imagine an easy game not. The home team is excited and believes they can make history. But to have more chances, you need to show more. Cruzeiro, has nowhere to draw, but has not yet submitted in this competition. With more resources, against a rival that does not intimidate, if you present improvements in your game, I believe that Cruzeiro can score.

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