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Portugal vs Netherlands Betting Tips 26.03.2018

Portugal vs Netherlands Soccer Prediction Today

Cristiano Ronaldo is in an incredible form right now. Portugal fully threw in goals, and there seems to be no way to stop this man. Whether it’s a game in the league match, CL or in the national team, he has basically enjoyed every match since a good time back. If the Portuguese appears on the track on Monday, then learn to be at least one balja here.
Portugal was just as we mentioned in the preamble to Egypt a couple of days ago. On the track there was a certain Salah, which undoubtedly also plays on the absolute top level right now. He also sprinkled your first goal, but then, as I said, it was all about Ronaldo.
Portugal made a nice effort in that meeting, despite the fact that it was under 1-0 after 90 minutes of play, and we were unequivocally seeing trends in the game that are hoping for a nice World Cup for their part.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Portugal vs Netherlands

The Netherlands comes closest to a loss against England at the Amsterdam Arena, after Jesse Lingard made the match’s only goal. The conclusion we go for that meeting is the fact that Holland has become an almost mediocre national team. This development has obviously been going on for a long time, and Holland feels undeniably not as feared today as in previous years. Their effort in the World Cup qualifier is undoubtedly a receipt for this.
A certain rotation is to count on
Considering that both Portugal and the Netherlands set up with their strongest crew here a day, we are convinced that the two teams can rotate slightly in Monday’s fight. The fact that Holland does not have a World Cup to look forward to, we think opens up for a nice match image. They learn to leave the collection, and at least have been noted for a balja after these two matches. And that’s why we’re hoping that Holland will go for a win.
The match is played on neutral ground, in Switzerland, and therefore the home-board advantage is missing. At the same time, Holland has not had to travel anymore, considering the distance between Amsterdam and Geneva, Switzerland. The same goes for Portugal, who played against Egypt in the same country.
Therefore, we can count on two fresh troops, and therefore we also believe in a meeting, with chances in both directions. Holland, as said, has nothing to lose here, and at least have to play at least a draw here. Otherwise, we assume that there is a lot of criticism against this team building.
We therefore choose to invest in the target market. Portugal stood for quite a good deal in the meeting with Egypt, but no more – and therefore we refrain from playing the straight one.

Prediction Today: BLGM – Yes

Odds: 1.90



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