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Roma vs Chievo Football Prediction Today 16/09

 Roma vs Chievo Prediction Today


It is the chance to seek recovery after stumbling in the previous two rounds. The Romans even started the match well by defeating Torino, in the home of the rivals, by 1 to 0 on the opening day. However, in the sequence, they were nothing more than a draw in their domains, 3 to 3, with Atalanta, and were defeated by 2 to 1 to Milan in the classic that was played in Milan.The advantage of less than 50% left the team in a modest ninth place in the standings. Too little for your investment capacity. During the two-week shutdown of the tournament to play selections, Roma played friendly against Benevento, Serie B, and lost by 2 to 1.
Although the results of friendly matches are to be analyzed with great caution, the defeat brings worries when it is noticed that important players like Federico Fazio, Rick Karsdorp, Juan Pastore and Stephan El Shaaraway, that are used regularly between the holders, participated.Karsdorp also suffered a rib injury and became doubtful for Sunday’s match. It is not the only one. The goalkeeper Antonio Mirante is in charge of the medical department; the socks Alessandro Florenti and Diego Perotti; and striker Patrick Schick.
The latter was a victim of the “Fifa virus”, as it was called to call the bruises that occurred when the athletes are serving their teams in the periods established by the International Football Federation. The Czech suffered a groin injury in the match in which his team lost at home to Ukraine by 2 to 1.


If the situation of the team of the capital is not the best, the situation of Chievo is even worse. The team has only one point in three rounds and is in the bottom of the leaderboard.What offers a little hope to his fans is that the latest games have shown some improvement. Chievo made their debut in the competition losing 3-2 to Juventus. In the second round, it took 6 to 1 of Fiorentina. In the third, it was in the scoreless draw with Empoli.In the ‘vacation’ period of the Italian Championship, also made a friendly and won. The victim was Triestina, a team that plays the C Series. It scored 3-0. The goals were scored by Pelissier, Leris and Stepinski.
For Sunday’s showdown, coach Lorenzo D’Anna must wait for the position of the medical department in relation to three athletes. Perparim Hetemaj and Nicola Rigoni are in the process of recovering from injury; and striker Filip Djordjevic. All of them are titular and if they are released they must be related to face Rome.
Hetemaj had a broken rib in the match against Fiorentina and did not play against Empoli. Rigoni left the field earlier not found with Empoli. The bruise was in the groin. Djordjevic suffered a muscle injury that was found after the match in the third round.

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Roma defend an undefeated series against Chievo who have reached ten matches. There were seven wins and three draws. Chievo’s most recent success came in 2013. Last season the Romans drew their away goals and thrashed 4-1 in their dominions.
Although in none of his first three matches, Roma have managed to perform well in line with the technical quality of their squad, the home factor, extra time for training and the fragility of Chievo indicate the prognosis in the home team win as the best option for the clash.

Bet Tips: Roma wins

Odds: 1.22

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