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Serbia vs Switzerland World Cup 22.06.2018

Serbia vs Switzerland Today’s Soccer Prediction


To have the opponent in front, in thesis, more accessible in the premiere, is dangerous. You play with the burden of compulsion on the shoulders, needing to deal with nervousness. Serbia, making a decent performance, managed to overcome the barriers imposed against Costa Rica, winning the victory by the minimum score. This victory left him in the lead of the group.
But undeniably internally Serbia knows that the real tests will begin to happen now. In front, someone who, in theory, fights with you for the second wave of the group, and who comes very confident for the surprising result obtained in the debut. Taking into consideration that the rival will still play against the most fragile team of the group, and that in the last round Serbia will face the Brazilian National Team, it is more important for them to seek points today. Serbia knows it will be complicated, but it relies on its collective organization, the physical game and good technical value – with a good presence in the stands – to present a little more in search of the result that will give the classification.
Coach Mladen Krstajić is expected to repeat the training that made a quiet performance against Costa Rica.


Many thought that Switzerland was fair before the Brazilians. But whoever accompanies football knows that this is not true. For days, Switzerland had managed to draw with strong Spain as a visitor, for example. Again, one point to conquer this afternoon would be tasty. In the last round, Switzerland could face the costarians, in theory, already eliminated from the competition.
But before you think about the last round, you need to think about today, right? In his favor, the fact of having more experience at this level compared to the rival and that, in theory, the same must be open to not depend on adding points against Brazil in order to qualify. Being effective with the front line in the attacking times, being very organized tactically, knowing how to suffer on the pitch, Switzerland believes that in its own way, it can fight for new points in this duel, approaching the classification.
Coach Vladimir Petković will have the perfect formation for this match.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Serbia vs Switzerland

The two teams are very similar in the way of acting. The Swiss team is even more tactically organized, but the Serbs, with talent and personality, can do more. As the draw for the Serbian team is not considered positive here, I imagine the same, driven by the victory in the debut, is even more aggressive. Switzerland, when it gives its thrusts, is dangerous. Will have spaces for such. Some goals should happen here, therefore.

Prediction Today: Over 1.5 Goals

Odds: 1.50


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