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Tottenham vs Juventus Betting Tips 07.03.2018

Tottenham vs Juventus Soccer Prediction Today

Then it was time again tonight and the decision in the Champions League between Spurs vs Juve. A match that feels very exciting like this in advance, could the old lady get up and make an advance or will Spurs be too hard to defeat?


Juve got a dream start in the first match and had everything in his hands, 2-0 after 10 minutes, it’s not like Italian team to lose that result when it’s so important matches, you had to make many goals and win was a must started as saying really good and you just had to keep on playing, keep the ball and calm within the team and maybe even get 3-0 and put the nail into the coffin, but instead you get on your knees, back home and let Spurs carry the game already after 10 minutes, that mistake would then prove costly.

Against such a good team as Spurs, just do not stop playing football and hope to keep up with the result. Just because you scored 2 goals in the first 10 minutes, you can not go back home and hope the time runs out. It was very surprising for most of them that a well-known Champions League team like Juve collapses just like that at home, even if you had the chance to close the deal more or less when you got a penalty at the end of the first half, but then you missed it and instead Spurs quit in the second half and then it will be difficult to change tactics. Suddenly, one had to attack instead, it did not work well but today it is a new match and the plan should be clear to Juve.


Juve should know what to do to move on, get into the game to win the match and not think of any results. The old lady has the history of such types of matches, several players have participated in this past and somewhere in I still think I’ll handle this and move on. Maybe because I want Italian soccer or knowing about history and experience, I often do the best in these contexts. Anyway, one should not count on Juve, they can win this.

Spurs, a team that I personally take great respect for, their kind of football, the fans and the club. Year after year, you get to the top of the league and fight out in Europe against them biggest, even though it has not become a big title, you are in the right direction, and you are on the most sought after players in the form of Harry Kane, Eriksen and Delle Ali bla.

The match of the evening is hard to beat. Many seem to think that Spurs is doing this, but I actually think that the old lady travels and fixes advancement. The game that I believe most is that M. Dembele makes at least two tackles. A seated midfielder who will do the rough job and he was one of the best in the first match game, a similar effort is required tonight for Spurs to have the chance. In the last match he reached 4 tackles, tonight we only need two for the game to go in.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Tottenham vs Juventus

As you can see, he has not directly played a given player, but 1.6 tack per match is great for someone who has not played so much, the statistics speak for some tackles even tonight.

Prediction Today: Dembelé at least two tackles

Odds: 2.15

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