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Vitoria vs Sport Betting Tips 26/07/

Vitoria vs Sport Today’s Soccer Prediction


The defeat of the Bahian lion was much more suffered. Vitoria were thrashed 4-1 in the classic Sunday, July 22, for the fourteenth day of the Brasileirão. Taking a blow from the greatest rival, who had also taken advantage of the victory in the state championship, has far greater consequences than simply leaving the pitch without being able to score.Although the latter situation is not the most pleasant either. Parked in the 15 points (four wins, three draws and seven losses), Rubro-negro was not only overtaken by his biggest rival in the Brasileirão standings as he was in a relegation zone position. It began the fifteenth round in the sixteenth place with only a point of advantage in comparison with America-MG, first in the region of the sticking.
The win in the classic showed something rare in football: a coach admitting a mistake. Vagner Mancini said he made the wrong decision by putting Jefferson’s right-back on the field. He had not normally participated in training before the classic because of muscle discomfort he presented after a 1-0 victory against Parana in the previous round.
Mancini will not be able to command the team of the reserve bank in what can be his last match in the club in case of defeat. He was sent off in the second half of Ba-Vi for complaining to the referee.
Within the four lines the downfall will be on Bryan’s account. The player received a red card at Ba-Vi and will have to complete automatic suspension against the red-black Pernambuco.


The Lion of Recife was bitten at home by Fluminense on Sunday, July 22. He lost by 2 to 1 accumulating two failures in the return of the Brasileirão after the stoppage of the competition due to the realization for the World Cup of Russia. The first had been in front of Ceará, by 1 to 0, in Fortaleza.
Parked in the 19 points (five wins, four draws and five losses), rubro-negro Pernambuco dropped to the tenth position in the table of classification of the Brasileirão in its edition 2018. It follows, in this way, the zone that guarantees vacancy in the South- American and with a ‘respectful’ distance from the sticking region.After the second consecutive failure, coach Claudinei Oliveira fired on the lawn conditions of the Retiro Island. Clear maneuver to divert attention from falling team performance after long period dedicated to the trainings.
The coach, however, avoided criticism of his players and indicated that he should not promote big changes in the team to face the red-black Bahian.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Vitoria vs Sport

Both teams make a campaign in the Brasileirão. Sport even had some good moments, but even before the stoppage of the competition for the World Cup in Russia gave signs of a drop in income. Vitoria said they were eagerly awaiting the tournament’s halt to enlist the cast and improve the game standard. After more than a month, it did not show the expected evolution.

Thus, it will certainly play pressed before its fans, which may end up favoring the Sport. Therefore, the prognosis in the victory of Rubro-negro Pernambuco seems to be the most appropriate for the meeting of the lions in Barradão.

Prediction Today: Sport wins

Odds: 3.75


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