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Bosnia vs Northern Ireland Free Betting Tips 15/10

Bosnia vs Northern Ireland Betting Tips

In preparation for Monday’s clash, the Bosnians made a friendly against Turkey on Thursday, 11 October. As visitors, they were in the goalless draw. They thus extended their undefeated series to seven games. The sequence started in March and has four wins and three draws.The duel against the Turks can be divided into two different games. In the first half, coach Robert Prosinecki most likely pitted the team that wants to climb to face the relatively offensive Northern Ireland squad. He set up a line of four defenders, with three midfielders and three attackers. The chief of them, of course, Dzeko, the top scorer of Rome, Italy.
In the final stage, the game actually took on friendly characteristics. Prosineki has already made a number of substitutions in the interval, aiming not only to preserve the athletes considered the key of the Bosnian and Hezbolian team, but also to give players opportunities that are generally reacted as reserves and to promote tactical experiences.
Reached all goals without compromising team performance. The Turkey team even had more possession (56%) and tried more finalizations (17 to 12). However, the Bosnians showed better offensive quality by hitting more shots on the target (3 to 2), although the number of finals has been quite low.
However, much more can not be expected from Bosnia. In the win against Austria in the second round of the League of Nations of Europe, the team only managed a finalization in six attempts. It was enough for the 1-0 win. The Austrians, acting like visitors, tried more than twice as many times: 13. But they also hit only one.
In their debut against Northern Ireland in the home of rivals, the Bosnians finished only five times and hit three. They won 2-1. All this with the formation with three attackers, which gives the impression of being offensive. In practice, only Dzeko himself has a little more freedom. His two front-runners end up coming back to help the midfield.

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In that game, the North Irish were far more effective offensively. They had 26 shots on goal. They sent eight of them in the direction of the goal defended by Sehic, who managed to do a good job.
Acting as visitors, even if they need the win to leave the last position of the key, they will hardly present such a bold stance. In front of the Austrians, where they were in similar situation, although not so serious, they had 42% of the possession of ball and produced eight finalizations. Only one of them went in the right direction.
They ended up embittering the 1-0 defeat, although they also did not have their defense very exposed. The Austrians, despite the greater dominance of possession of ball, could not create much more. There were ten attempts to kick, and three hit the target and one entered. Enough for them to score their first three points in the competition.

Bet Tips: Bosnia wins

Odds: 1.57

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