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Cruzeiro vs Chapecoense Soccer Betting Tips

Now ‘positive’ on the leaderboard, Cruzeiro hosts Chapecoense, their Serie A colleague last season in the Brazilian Championship, this Thursday, August 20th.
The meeting puts an end to the schedule of the fourth round of the 2020 version of the Serie B of the Brasileirão. The Mineirão stadium in Belo Horizonte will be staged.
The forecast is that the ball will start to roll at 21h (Brasília time).
The Second Division of the Brazilian Championship maintained for the 2020 season the regulation it has been using in recent years.
With 20 participating clubs, there will be a turn and return in the round trip system.
At the end of the 38 rounds, the top four will have guaranteed access to the elite division of national football.
The last four will be relegated to Serie C.


Cruzeiro obtained on Sunday, August 16, its third victory in three matches held in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.
In Florianópolis, he scored 1 to 0 at Figueirense. The goal was scored by Maurício Prado in the additions of the first stage.
With that, he scored his first three points in the tournament.
This is because the first two victories, against Botafogo-SP (2 to 1, at home) and Guarani (3 to 2, away), only served to reset the account.
The team started with six negative points. Result of punishments applied for non-payment of debts when hiring players.
Thus, he ended his participation in the third round occupying the ninth position in the leaderboard.
Although this does not mean much at the moment, since due to the postponement of matches, five clubs have not played properly.
However, more worrying than the situation in the classification was the fact that Cruzeiro did its worst performance in the tournament.
The team created only seven finishing opportunities in the match against 14 from Figueirense. In terms of finishing quality, each team had two goals.
Thus, the club from Minas Gerais maintained its 100% advantage since the coach Enderson Moreira took charge.
Including duels for the Mineiro Championship, there were six victories.


Chapecoense also entered the field on Sunday, August 16, and just as Cruzeiro won by 1 to 0.
In Chapecó, they had Sampaio Corrêa as their rival. The goal was scored by Aylon, six minutes into the opening stage.
In the second phase, alviverde wasted a penalty kick with Alan.
The Santa Catarina team is one of those that is in debt with the agenda. The meeting with CSA, for the second round, was postponed due to the large number of athletes from the Alagoas team infected by Covid-19.
It has not yet been rescheduled. However, it showed the evolution of football shown in comparison with the goalless draw that he had with the West in the game for the initial round.
Even with a little less time in possession against Sampaio Corrêa (47%), he finished more (16 to 13).
However, the number of correct finishes was the same (five). This caused a charge from coach Umberto Louzer, who did not like to see the team slow down after scoring the first goal.

Football Prediction of the Day Cruzeiro vs Chapecoense

Cruzeiro and Chapecoense have shown evolution in the tactical organization, although both show lack of appetite in the offensive sector.
Thus, the prognosis for equality ends up being a good guess for Thursday’s meeting for the fourth round of the 2020 version of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.


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