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Eintracht Frankfurt vs Fortuna Dusseldorf Football Prediction Today 19/10

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Fortuna Dusseldorf Prediction Today

Eintracht Frankfurt

The best party since the beginning of this season was provided by Eintracht just before the first break. They tied three victories, one in the European league, against Lazio, who defeated them in a 4-1 victory in Frankfurt. Given that they also celebrated in the first round in Marseille, it is clear that in this competition they are on the excellent way to enter the knockout phase. The Bundesliga is also improving and getting closer to European positions, after a modest start and only one win in the first five rounds.
In the sixth time, they were celebrating for the first time in home soil, then in the last round and triumph at a very uncomfortable hosting at Hoffenheim. They scored goals at the end of the first and the beginning of the second half, and again the decision-maker was attacker Jovic, who has been a regular shooter lately. Rebic was later turned off and they received a goal so they saved the win. Rebic does not have the right to appear and probably Haller.
The likely initial composition of Eintracht Frankfurt: Trapp – Russ, Hasebe, Ndicka – da Costa, Kostic, G.Fernandes, Gacinovic, de Guzman – Jovic, Haller

Fortuna Dusseldorf

For Fortune, the pause is good and now I can only hope that they have managed to take advantage of that time to consolidate their ranks. What they showed in the first seven rounds will not be enough to preserve the first-class status that they won last season. So, they are threatened with an express dropout, and are currently in the second place in a group of three teams in the dropout zone. Only once have they beat home Hoffenheim on home ground, and after that triumph still streaked in Stuttgart and then three linked defeats.
So far, they have scored only one goal, but they have won two points and they would certainly be happy to be able to retire in Frankfurt. The previous two matches against domestic fans had heavy opponents and could not avoid the defeat of Bayer and Schalke. Between them they played very badly in Nuremberg, where they lost 3: 0. In general, the problem is Fortune inefficiency, and in the past four matches they only shook the rival’s net from the penalties against Bayer. Against Schalke’s refreshments were Sobottka, Raman and Hennings, and now there will certainly be new changes.
Probable initial composition of Fortune: Rensing – J.Zimmer, Kaminski, Ayhan, Gieselmann – Sobottka, M.Zimmermann – Morales, Usami – Ducksch, Hennings

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Eintracht was in excellent rhythm before the break, but we expect to continue this way, although they still have problems with the absenteeism. Fortuna has shown very little so far, especially in the home and therefore we are predicting a new defeat in the team from Dusseldorf.

Bet tips: Eintracht Frankfurt win

Odds: 1.75

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