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G2 Esports CS vs C0ntact Gaming CS ESL Prediction Today

In ESL One: Road to Rio, G2 Esports and C0nact Gaming face off.
In this preview we provide you with all the important data and numbers so that you can make the best bet prediction.
For the betting providers, there is a crystal-clear favorite in G2 in this encounter, which starts on Thursday, May 7th, 2020, at 6.30 p.m.
C0ntact recently had to give up 6x in a row and is therefore without a chance to progress in the Rio qualifier.
G2 has won 3 out of 5 games so far and is currently in second place in the group.
We analyze both teams and the betting markets in order to be able to offer you the most attractive tips at the end.
C0ntact was able to prevail once in 3 encounters – but this time it will be very difficult due to the current form.

G2 Esports CS

G2 Esports recently lost to mousesports 1: 2.
This was the 2nd loss in ESL One: Road to Rio in the 5th game.
Before that the team around Captain Nemanja “nexa” Isaković from Serbia won 2-1 against Copenhagen Flames and 2-0 against Movistar Riders.
The current number 6 in the world is in 2nd place in Group B, 3 points behind the leader and could take a step into the top playoff with the predicted success via C0ntact. The bookmakers offer odds of just under 1.15 for the favorite win, so they see the win by G2 as a bank tip. The French got a strong win rate of 72.2% from the last 3 months, justifying the low betting odds.
However, G2 was beaten by the Valiance team at the DreamHack Open in Tours last May.
The other two duels from the previous 3 encounters went to the favorites.
G2 Esports is currently the first to pick the Dust2 card, which has won 44% of the last 16 matches. This is by far the most used map of the French. The first ban is like the next opponent overpass, which is currently not used and which we will very likely not see in this match. The last 6 games were won on Vertigo and this is clearly the most successful card. The worst card is Mirage with a success rate of 40% from 5 games.
The clan of coach Damien “maLeK” Marcel has a K / D ratio of good 1.11 from the last 3 months.
The team spends an average of only 25.39 laps per map. In the victories only 8.74 rounds are given and therefore a quick affair can be predicted.
4 out of 5 players in the current line-up are currently positive with the French Kenny “kennyS” Schrub as the best of his team with 0.74 deaths per round, 1.22 impact and an average damage of 77.0.

C0ntact Gaming CS

C0ntact Gaming has never won any of its 4 games at ESL One: Road to Rio.
The team around the Serbian captain Luka “emi” Vuković had to surrender both against the Copenhagen Flames (1: 2), against the Movistar Riders (1: 2), as well as against mousesports and GODSENT (1: 2).
The world rankings-37.
For the outsider win betting odds over 5.50 jump out. C0ntact won 3 of the 8 maps that were played in a direct duel.
The most recent win was as CR4ZY at ESL One in New York last July on Vertigo – but on Dust2 and Train the favorite turned the encounter around.
These two cards could also be used this time.
C0nact could only win 20% of the games from the last 3 months and is rightly a clear outsider in this encounter.
The first pick from C0ntact Gaming is currently Mirage, where 3 quarters of the last 4 games could be won.
On the weakest map of G2, the Europeans are most likely to have a chance. As already mentioned, the first ban is also in C0ntact Overpass, which was the only card that was not used recently.
The most successful clan of coach Neil “NeiL_M” Murphy from Ireland is currently on Inferno, where 80% of the last 5 maps have been won.
The last 5 matches were lost on Train. Nuke is currently the most played, but only 28.5% of the last 7 games have been won there.
C0natct currently only has a K / D ratio of 0.95 and is therefore significantly behind the next opponent.
The team stays an average of 26.85 dogs per map.
In the defeats, an average of 9.47 rounds can be won.

CS/GO Prediction of the Day G2 Esports CS vs C0ntact Gaming CS

According to our analysis, we are predicting a clear favorite win.
Less than 2.6.5 rounds are played on the first map.
G2 wins 2-0 against C0ntact.
We see the betting odds for the favorites win as a bank tip.

Bet Tips: G2 Esports CS

Odds: 1.15

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