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Huesca – Real Zaragoza PREVIEW (06.11.2017)

The match range in the football world before the World Cup qualifier is narrow, but there is a lot of fun to share in the divisions. At 21:00 there is a play here at Estadio El Alcoraz.
The top tie in the Segunda División is ridiculously tight and it can turn around in no time. From Huesca, just below the qualifiers upwards, the seventh place, to the series leader Lugo is the distance of as little as three sticks and then we are in the 13th round. A lot of clubs that can take position in the relegation battle.
Guest Real Zaragoza should not be one of those who take position for the top match, but rather of classical middle material – and found before the match at the top spot. Last year it was extremely close that the series was even dropped out, but better than they should be, it’s the definite feeling.

The defense game is like a smack
There is not a lot of goal fireworks that speak for Estadio Al Alcoraz, after which the underplay on the target market – and more – attracts games. Why this?
The defense game has Huesca filmed on with great luck. They have released least goals in the series, eight in 12 matches to the number, and they have found a stable foundation to lean on and build on. Now – two straight matches without goals 1-0 against Cádiz and 0-0 against Albacete. Do not sprinkle forward either, but one or two goals are often enough to win the football matches.
Four matches on the rake have undercut the 2.5-goal line for Huesca.
At home there is Huesca who will put the tone and the match image will of course be influenced by their defensive stability. Zaragoza will not be bidding on anything. They must not radiate the same stability, but three out of the five most recent matches have contained a maximum of two goals.
1.90 x bet for 2.25 goals (asian handicap) – half win on the game at two goals in the match – is absolutely acceptable and can be seen.

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