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Gaziantep – Manisaspor PREVIEW (03.11.2017)

Gazişehir Gaziantep, who has changed the name to the path, is in the goal of staying in the league with play off goal in TFF 1st League. This week’s opponents are Manisaspor.

İddaa Gazişehir Gaziantep side of this match in the 1.60 odds that it was appropriate to give. The rate for Manisapor is 3.70. When we look at the current situation in foreign betting sites Gazishehir Gaziantep we see that the front plan. Alper Çetin from Kocaeli district will manage the match which will start at 18:00 on Friday evening.

It is not really easy for a football team to be successful in a hot city like Gaziantep. The city has had to cope with enormous strains for the last few years. These troubles were, of course, reflected in soccer clubs; but Gaziantepspor suffered more sharply than Gaziantep Gaziantep because of economic troubles. The team has fallen from the Super League, now they seem to fall from the TFF 1st League. In this case Gaziantep Gaziantep hope for the people is no longer Gaziantep. At least they are giving more confidence in financial terms. But they have not been able to achieve sporty success until now. The club has set up a good squad for the championship at the beginning of the season but is not far away from the relegation zone at the moment. When we look at the squad you can really see that perhaps it has one of the best staffs of the league. In the team there are very experienced names like Muhammet Reis, Kabasele, del Valle, Özgür Can, Webo, Ermin Zec, Murat Ceylan. Erkan Sözeri, who had been successful in this league, was brought to his team. The Aries did not make a bad start with the team, at least they did not see defeat in three games. The injured Adama Ba was not involved in weekday training, and is not expected to play in this match. Club people are trying every possible way to attract stadiums, they will arrange free bus services for this match and they have already sold tickets for 1 TL.

Former Trabzonspor player Fatih Tekke, Aegean representative was brought to the head of Manisaspor. Almost at the same time with the Erkan Sözeri, they started relative. Fatih Tekke, the team has 4 matches in total, 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat in these games. The team jumped in the Turkish Cup and was paired with Besiktas. This match created a great excitement and joy within the team. Manisaspor, which has 7 points, ranks second in the league. At least Fatih Tekke seems to be focused on defense problems. After only 1 goal at the end of 3 matches, Umraniyespor’a lost in the field of the week we passed. Foreigners like Perovic, Meye and Dimov are not enough players in my opinion to move them to the top. Most of the other teams have both more foreign players and better quality players. In Ümraniyespor team lost in Manisa, for example, even a player like Rangelov has to wait for spare. They have been moving in recent weeks, but their work is still not easy.

Erkan Sözeri is a technical man who will pick up the team. If the champion continues to shoot the stadium, the resulting energy results will have a positive effect. Gazisehir Gaziantep, now has to reflect the potential of matches. I expect to win this game.

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