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RSC Anderlecht – Club Brugge PREVIEW (05.11.2017)

RSC Anderlecht – Club Brugge – They are always the duels of these rivals derby wagers in Belgium, regardless of the situation on the table, and it is currently such that Anderlecht is the third, and Club Brugge first. However, the difference is big nine points in favor of the guest composition and therefore the pressure on the current Anderlecht champion is great. They made two poor victories after the bad results, while the Champions League was literally a shame. Club Brugge has earlier completed the European path and they use it in the first place and are therefore the sovereign leaders. In the past four seasons, both teams entered one win and two times were unresolved.

RSC Anderlecht
Anderlecht was a bad start to the championship and there was actually a difference between them and Club Brugge so the current champion is now awaiting a difficult task to return to the championship title. It is still a long way to go and the system of competitions in Belgia in this case goes hand in hand, especially if you win in this duel. They were slightly consolidated when the championship was in issue and they were just kidding when Genk scored 1: 0 in the first three laps in Brussels.
Before that they had three linked wins, followed by two more, concluding with the one against Eupen in the last round. When it comes to the Champions League, it would be better if they did not win because they lost all four games with a goal difference of 0:15. Defenders Najar and Spajić are out of the machine for injury, while others are ready to play.

Club Brugge
Club Bruges is a sovereign leader on the table and it was not unexpected, after they had been confined to Europe and already finished their qualifiers. In the championship only two defeats without a row and already 11 wins, of which up to six in the domestic field where they really play great. The guests know how to drop and lose at Mouscorne with 2: 1, and before two laps at Genka, which is not so much a surprise.
Immediately in the last round, anger broke out at St.Truiden and beat them 4: 1 with four different shooters, two of whom came in from the bench alone. Coach Leko, after defeating Genki, decided to replace the goalkeeper and defended Hubert instead of Horvath, and even Bonaventure was in the field instead of Diaby. The second came from the bench after being left naked and we are now expecting him in the starting line, and maybe Vossen replaces Wesley.

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